Program NetPlusUltra®

Dashfolio 2017

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Welcome to Planet+Ultra®

This fifth edition of my annual dashboard for self-authored web managers remains dedicated to the registration issues introduced in 2016, as this year’s objective is to produce the portal providing paid-access to the NetPlusUltra® master franchising system, with its forum directories and virtual incubation services.
Against the background of this matrix-based construction, the program will continue to unfold across the 4x2 time frames of the conceptual problem-solving cycle:
  1. The present RSS dashboard, along with the four contact points associated thereto, will cover all questions pertaining to the intelligently automated building of partnerships within the context of a concept presentation.

  2. As announced in my status updates of 2016-09-16 (1) and 2016-10-20 (2), the Techfolio module (3) will provide a more technical information feed on the state of things laid out in my Testfolio Omega (4).

  3. To complement the Datafolio module (5) introduced in 2016 as an integral part of the global solution to be implemented, of which I had to postpone the development to this year, a specifications placeholder will soon be available at the address reserved to host the portal (6).

  4. Finally, my personal Namefolio (7) aims at reassessing the potential of a Playfolio as a concept implementation tutorial, and should therefore be considered as a showcase about how the principles presented in my placeholder module 2016 thereto (8) - which is still on my agenda - should be applied.

Let's move over to getting things done.